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ReferenceStaehr PA, Jakobsen HH, Hansen JLS, Andersen P, Christensen J, Göke C, Thomsen MS and Stebbing PD (2020). Trends in records and contribution of non-indigenous and cryptogenic species to marine communities in Danish waters: potential indicators for assessing impact. Aquatic Invasions (2020) Volume 15, Issue 2: 217–244
Type of sourceJournal article
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Stæhr et aI_2020_SupplementaryTable S1.xlsx
Staehr et al 2020_Trends in records and contribution of non-indigenous and cryptogenic species.pdf
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Acartia (Acanthacartia) tonsaDenmark / North Sea
Acartia (Acanthacartia) tonsaDenmark / Baltic Sea
Akashiwo sanguineaDenmark / Baltic Sea
Akashiwo sanguineaDenmark / North Sea
Alexandrium margalefiiDenmark / North Sea
Alexandrium margalefiiDenmark / Baltic Sea
Bacteriastrum hyalinumDenmark / North Sea
Bacteriastrum hyalinumDenmark / Baltic Sea
Dictyota dichotomaDenmark / Baltic Sea
Dictyota dichotomaDenmark / North Sea
Dinophysis sacculusDenmark / North Sea
Dinophysis sacculusDenmark / Baltic Sea
Fucus evanescensDenmark / North Sea
Fucus evanescensDenmark / Baltic Sea
Gammarus tigrinusDenmark / Baltic Sea
Gammarus tigrinusDenmark / North Sea
Heterosigma akashiwoDenmark / North Sea
Heterosigma akashiwoDenmark / Baltic Sea
Karenia mikimotoiDenmark / Baltic Sea
Karenia mikimotoiDenmark / North Sea
Lepidodinium chlorophorumDenmark / Baltic Sea
Lepidodinium chlorophorumDenmark / North Sea
Marenzelleria neglectaDenmark / Baltic Sea
Marenzelleria viridisDenmark / Baltic Sea
Marenzelleria viridisDenmark / North Sea
Melanothamnus harveyiDenmark / North Sea
Mnemiopsis leidyiDenmark / Baltic Sea
Mnemiopsis leidyiDenmark / North Sea
Molgula manhattensisDenmark / Baltic Sea
Molgula manhattensisDenmark / North Sea
Mya arenariaDenmark / North Sea
Mya arenariaDenmark / Baltic Sea
Mytilicola intestinalisDenmark / Baltic Sea
Mytilicola intestinalisDenmark / North Sea
Neogobius melanostomusDenmark / North Sea
Neogobius melanostomusDenmark / Baltic Sea
Ocinebrellus inornatusDenmark / North Sea
Palaemon elegansDenmark / Baltic Sea
Palaemon elegansDenmark / North Sea
Peridiniella danicaDenmark / Baltic Sea
Peridiniella danicaDenmark / North Sea
Peridinium quadridentatumDenmark / North Sea
Peridinium quadridentatumDenmark / Baltic Sea
Petricolaria pholadiformisDenmark / Baltic Sea
Petricolaria pholadiformisDenmark / North Sea
Phaeocystis pouchetiiDenmark / North Sea
Phaeocystis pouchetiiDenmark / Baltic Sea
Prorocentrum cordatumDenmark / Baltic Sea
Prorocentrum cordatumDenmark / North Sea
Prorocentrum gracileDenmark / Baltic Sea
Prorocentrum gracileDenmark / North Sea
Prorocentrum limaDenmark / Baltic Sea
Prorocentrum limaDenmark / North Sea
Prorocentrum triestinumDenmark / Baltic Sea
Prorocentrum triestinumDenmark / North Sea
Pseudochattonella verruculosaDenmark / Baltic Sea
Pseudodactylogyrus anguillaeDenmark / North Sea
Pseudodactylogyrus anguillaeDenmark / Baltic Sea
Rhithropanopeus harrisiiDenmark / North Sea
Rhithropanopeus harrisiiDenmark / Baltic Sea
Rhizosolenia calcar-avisDenmark / North Sea
Rhizosolenia calcar-avisDenmark / Baltic Sea
Sargassum muticumDenmark / Baltic Sea
Sargassum muticumDenmark / North Sea
Spartina townsendii var. anglicaDenmark / North Sea
Spartina townsendii var. anglicaDenmark / Baltic Sea
Styela clavaDenmark / Baltic Sea
Styela clavaDenmark / North Sea
Teredo navalisDenmark / Baltic Sea
Teredo navalisDenmark / North Sea
Tharyx killariensisDenmark / North Sea
Tharyx killariensisDenmark / Baltic Sea
Trieres mobiliensisDenmark / North Sea
Trieres mobiliensisDenmark / Baltic Sea
Trieres regiaDenmark / Baltic Sea
Trieres regiaDenmark / North Sea
Tripos arietinusDenmark / Baltic Sea
Tripos arietinusDenmark / North Sea
Tripos macrocerosDenmark / North Sea
Tripos macrocerosDenmark / Baltic Sea
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