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Welcome to the Baltic Sea Alien Species Database
online since 1997
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Objectives and Goals

-to provide a qualified reference system on alien species for the Baltic Sea area, available online for environmental managers, researchers, students and all concerned;

-to update the information on the Baltic Sea alien species, their biology, vectors of introduction, spread, impacts on environment and economy;

-to encourage the exchange of data among different geographical regions and thereby to serve a node in the Global Information System for Invasive Species.



Baltic Marine Biologists (BMB)


Nordic Council The Nordic Council of Ministers Information Office in Lithuania
BSRP Baltic Sea Regional Project, Global Environment Facility

Aquatic Invasive Species of Europe - Distribution, Impacts and Management
Erkki Leppäkoski, Stephan Gollasch and Sergej Olenin (eds)
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht.
ISBN 1-4020-0837-6

News and Updates

Assess the Biological Invasion Impact on-line using the new version of BINPAS!

Find new contacts, make your bioinvasion research known, register at European Alien Species Expertise Registry!

October 2010 - The latest update of NIS inventory. For more information see "Species Directory" section. Update of alien species entries.

March 2006 - A new option of Literature Search is completed and stored on-line. This option will allow Database users to search literature on the Baltic Sea alien species according to different types of information (by species, by ecological/economical impacts, ecological traits, etc.).

Project team
Klaipeda University Sergej Olenin - Project coordinator, editor
Abo Akademi University Erkki Leppäkoski - Chairman of the BMB WG30 NEMO, editor
Klaipeda University Darius Daunys - Editor
Klaipeda University Eugenija Dauniene - IT manager
Klaipeda University Anastasija Zaiko - Editor, database administrator

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