This option retrieves the list of non-indigenous and cryptogenic species which are new arrivals at different geographical scales, i.e. recorded for the first time in:
  • a particular recipient region (country coast) within the Large Marine Ecosystem (LME),
  • a country (including coasts of the same country in different LMEs),
  • a particular LME and,
  • a larger biogeographical region, including, e.g. two or more neighboring LMEs.
For more information on the concept of "New arrivals" click here.
This option provides the list of non-indigenous and cryptogenic species which were recorded in 10 or more recipient countries worldwide. This data is being retrieved from the records, which currently are in the AquaNIS public domain. Currently our listing is mostly for European regional seas, including also other marine regions, for which some data exist in AquaNIS (e.g. East Asia, New Zealand shelf, Canadian Arctic…).

Note: There is more information on species biology, introduction events, etc. which can be obtained using the AquaNIS "Advanced search" function.
This option provides the list of Baltic Sea regions with the last entered species introduction event (species name and record entrance date). Note that the list is organized by record entrance date, but not by species real introduction date.