The EWS Concept

At the European level, Regulation (EU) n. 1143/2014 requires States to establish a surveillance system of IAS of Union concern for their early detection (Magaletti et al. 2018). Baltic regional co-operation between the Baltic States in developing an Early Warning System (EWS) is under interregional project „COMPLETE“. The aim of the EWS is to detect and give warning signal about the presence of HAOP and NIS in ports and adjacent areas.

Main scheme of warning consists from detection and warning signal. Main players of the system are institutions, authorities and stakeholders involved in the EWS scheme.

The objectives of the EWS are to implement warning signal:

  1. To warn vessels to prevent loading of ballast water when critical biological conditions occur in ports and surrounding areas i.e. mass development or blooms of Harmful Aquatic Organisms and Pathogens (HAOP).
  2. To warn environmental and health authorities when NIS or pathogens are present in ports or surrounding areas to enable an early response and an implementation of remediation measures.